Uniform Policy

March 16, 2009

To: All 2008 - 09 Choral Members and Families
RE: Uniform Donation and Uniform Rental Program for 2009 -10.

With the start of 2009/10 school year, the Choral Department will begin changes to our uniform program in order to keep the future expense of choral dresses and khaki pants as reasonable as possible. With the increased cost of shipping and yearly increases in the production of the choral dresses we will begin to offer a uniform rental whenever possible depending on inventory available in the appropriate size. Rentals will be provided on a first come first served basis at the beginning of the school year. More information will be provided at that time. If there is not an appropriate uniform available for rent a new uniform will be ordered and the new dress price will be charged at that time, however, you will receive a tax deductable receipt should you donate the new dress at the time of graduation or a change in choir membership. Choir members will continue to be responsible for all alterations necessary to be in compliance with uniform requirements. This change will affect all choirs with the exception of the men's tuxedos for Chamber Singers. Polo shirts will not be included in this program.

This new program will begin by asking for the donation of previously worn dresses and khaki pants, in good and clean condition, from all present (and past) choir members. Also necklaces, rosettes and pins (and character shoes) can be donated. You will be issued a tax deductable receipt for your donated goods.

If you are graduating (or have graduated) or if you will be wearing a different uniform due to changing choirs for the 2009 – 10 year, and you would like to DONATE YOUR CHOIR DRESS OR KHAKI PANTS please consider doing so immediately following your last performance in the '08-'09 school year. Please bring your donation, PROPERLY MARKED WITH YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER, to the choral room. By participating and donating you will be SUPPORTING THE ACALANES HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL PROGRAM!


Updated for Chorale 2/2014: For Chorale Students, Winter and Spring Concert uniform is as follows
Boys:  AHS Polo shirt, black pants, black shoes, black belt
Girls:  AHS Polo shirt, black pants (yoga pants and skinny pants are NOT acceptable - suggest The Loft in Walnut Creek for petite sizes), closed toed black ballet flats or character shoes.


Should you have questions please call Pat Todd at 284-9385